FiSH! Philosophy


Being fully present - It’s about staying connected and open to the people around you, and ready to experience the moment with them.

Listening to understand, not just reply - It requires quieting the ‘stories’ in your head about the other person – all the past experiences, feelings and judgments that influence how you hear.

Take action based on awareness - It means noticing what another person’s needs are and setting aside your own needs, temporarily, to focus on serving them.


Curiosity - It unleashes our imaginations as we search for what things make us ‘tick’.

Freedom to innovate - It’s fun trying to find a better or new way when you aren’t worried about being criticized, ridiculed or punished. A mistake is acknowledged and valued as a way to learn.

Freedom to be you - Play is being secure to be yourself and engage others – not being cautious or scripted, but being natural, light-hearted, friendly, spontaneous and helpful.


Valuing and recognising people - The best way to make someone’s day is to simply value them. Simple gestures, such as appreciation, fulfil emotional needs that are important for job satisfaction and success.

Being genuinely selfless - It takes some effort, but it feels so good that it produces more energy than it consumes.

Being aware - Whose spirit needs picking up? How do they want to be delighted? Before you Make Their Day, you have to Be There – you need to know and understand them.


Become aware - The first step in choosing is to be clear about what your attitude is and to accept that you are the one who is choosing it.

Make a conscious choice - Is your attitude helping you reach your goals? Is it helping you be the person you want to be?

Live in alignment with your intentions - Making conscious choices focuses our decision-making so we can live more “on purpose”. Living purposefully anchors us to our values and keeps us steady no matter what situation arises.

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